Notices about cooperation

Do not provide Horkoo’s employees and their relatives and friends with cash, negotiable securities, gifts that are not company’s standard gifts, recreation or tourism or other expensive entertaining and recreational activities. Do not reimburse the expenses payable by them. Do not provide them with property, decoration of house or other benefits with nominal fees charged.

Loan, lease and investment that are not assigned for public affairs and any activity that is not direct contact for public affairs shall not be conducted between you and Horkoo’s employees and their relatives and friends.

Horkoo’s employees and their relatives and friends will not be arranged with compensated work. If any employee of Horkoo and his/her relatives and friends hold the equity of your company, please report to Horkoo timely.

Do not conduct any behavior that harms the interests and image of Horkoo.

Do not bribe the employees of Horkoo. Bribers shall bear the corresponding liabilities according to the relevant rules and regulations of Horkoo, including but not limited to being added to the Blacklist of Horkoo.

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