Horkoo CTV settled in Zhangzhou Municipal Intermediate Court2019-10-14

     "Small systems, big achievements". Through the excellent performance of Horkoo CTV Multimedia Information Publishing System, relying on its high cost-effective advantage and high-quality service, Haoke CTV Information Publishing System products successfully entered: Zhangzhou Intermediate People's Court Project. The products covered in this application include 50 inch 3D horizontal guide display machine, 50 inch wall hanging touch machine and 27 inch embedded wall hanging bar screen machine. A total of 24 sets.


(Project photo)

      Zhangzhou Intermediate People's Court was established on January 5, 1953. Its predecessor is Longxi Branch of Fujian Provincial People's Court and Longxi Intermediate People's Court. It covers an area of 12.6 million square kilometers and has a permanent population of 4.81 million. It is located at 89 Narcissus Street, Longwen District, Zhangzhou City. The people's courts of 11 counties (cities and districts) under the jurisdiction of Zhangzhou Intermediate People's Court, including 23 people's courts, are responsible for the first instance, second instance and retrial of criminal, civil and administrative cases and various execution cases within their jurisdiction. There are more than 1100 police officers in the courts of the whole city, including 200 in the intermediate courts. In recent years, the average number of cases handled by Zhangzhou courts is 60,000 annually. With the increasing number of cases closed year by year, the quality and efficiency of trial execution continue to be in the forefront of provincial courts, and the judicial highlights such as Taiwan-related trials, ecological trials, mediation work, execution command center, small lawsuits, military-related women's involvement in minor rights protection and so on have been nurtured.


Outside view of Zhangzhou Intermediate Court (pictures from the Internet)