Laibin Justice Bureau and Longyan Municipal Intermediate People’s Court adopt Ho2019-10-14

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       Laibin Municipal Judicial Bureau is the functional department of the people's government of Laibin Municipality in charge of the judicial administration of the whole city. It undertakes such judicial administrative tasks as legal service, legal publicity and education, people's mediation, resettlement of prisoners and interpreters, helping and teaching. Since the restoration and reconstruction in 1982, the judicial administrative organs have played a full role in legal protection, legal services and legal propaganda. They have made positive contributions to the reform and opening up, economic construction, social stability and the construction of democratic and legal system in our city. There are seven sections (offices and offices): Political Office, Office, Grass-roots Work Section (two-release personnel placement assistance textbooks), Legal Publicity Section, Notarization Management Section (including Laibin City Notary Office), Lawyer Management Section and Legal Aid Center.


(Guest Justice Bureau decoration effect map)

      Longyan Intermediate People's Court of Fujian Province was formerly Longyan Branch of Fujian Provincial People's Court established in 1952. Later, because of Longyan, a regional administrative office was set up. The name of Longyan Intermediate People's Court of Fujian Province was renamed accordingly. In 1997, because of Longyan's withdrawal, the city was established and formally renamed Longyan Intermediate People's Court of Fujian Province. After the institutional reform in 2003, there are 17 built-in institutions and 1 directly affiliated institution in the whole hospital. There are more than 153 cadres and employees, including 101 judges.


    Outlook of Longyan Intermediate People's Court (pictures from the Internet)