"The world changes, my heart does not change.". - record that CTV of H2019-11-05

     "The world changes, my heart does not change.". Quality is visible; service is touchable. Horkoo has always believed that no matter how the world changes, the only thing that remains unchanged is to be down-to-earth and do a good job in its own quality and service. Recently, Horkoo has won the bidding of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center Phase IV and Ningde Mindong hospital informatization construction project successively by virtue of its exquisite technology and quality through the joint field investigation of the relevant successful case projects by the owner and the general contractor of the project.

       Since its establishment, Xiamen Horkoo Electronic Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the service concept of "small system, big action", committed to providing customers with services beyond the value of its products. Although the product is small, do it well! It is this "positive, cooperative, shared and open" attitude that can bring a small system into play beyond the value of its products.

       The main products of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center project involve dozens of 42 inch display and control integrated computers, B / s center servers, ctv100 information release system software, which greatly improves the image of the project and the convenience of visual communication.

      The products used in Ningde Mindong hospital include 133 information publishing system points, 10 touch mode query machines, and back-end B / s servers and center management software.

       Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center is located on the southeast coast of Xiamen Island, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. It faces xiaojinmen island across the sea, with a straight distance of only 4500 meters. It is the main venue of the national grand event "China International Investment and Trade Fair". The exhibition center covers an area of 470000 square meters, with a total construction area of 340000 square meters, including exhibition halls of phase I, phase II and phase III and a four-star exhibition business hotel with 210 rooms. It is a large-scale modern exhibition hall integrating exhibition, conference, hotel, catering, tourism, advertisement and storage.


(picture of Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, shown on the Internet)

       Mindong Hospital of Ningde city is located in Fu'an City in the east of Fujian Province. It was founded in 1937, formerly the first hospital in Ningde area. It is a three-level A-level general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, research and preventive health care, and the largest municipal public hospital in Ningde City. The scope of medical services covers the whole eastern Fujian and covers the Northern Fujian and southern Zhejiang, with a service population of more than 4 million. The hospital has won the honorary titles of "home of national model workers", "Fujian civilized unit" and "Fujian provincial garden unit".


Exterior view of Mindong hospital (picture from network)