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Service Commitment

Standard Service Commitment

Warranty Period

From the date of purchase (whichever is the date of the original certificate of purchase), the product will enjoy free warranty within the warranty period according to the terms of the purchase and sale contract signed. After the expiration of the warranty period, Xiamen Horkoo will provide paid maintenance services in accordance with Xiamen Horkoo Compensated Service Fee Standard.

The product mainly includes main engine, consumable parts and accessories. The specific warranty period is detailed in Xiamen Horkoo Product Standard Warranty Period List.

Emphasis is laid on:

① When there is a difference between the date of the original purchase certificate and the production time, the date of the original purchase certificate shall prevail.

②For random promotional products and independently sold or non-standard-matched products, please refer to the corresponding warranty certificates for promotional products and independently sold or non-standard-matched products;

③The warranty period of special project products shall be based on the purchase and sale contract;

④ Packaging boxes are not covered by warranty;

⑤If the demonstrator is re-sold at a special price, it will not enjoy the relevant policy of replacing the demonstrator in Xiamen Horkoo. The warranty period shall be based on the purchase and sale contract.

service mode

  • National Joint Insurance, Near Service

    Xiamen Horkoo products are guaranteed nationwide. Whether you purchase and use Xiamen Horkoo products anywhere in the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), you can obtain maintenance services at Xiamen Horkoo service outlets and authorized maintenance agencies on the basis of warranty certificates and purchase invoices. In order to obtain convenient and efficient service, it is recommended that you choose Xiamen Horkoo service network which is nearest to your fault machine and authorized maintenance organization to obtain service.

  • Customer Consulting Service

    If you have any questions in use, you are welcome to call Xiamen Horkoo after-sales service hotline: 400-0592-414, or visit Xiamen Horkoo website: to get the service network.

  • Fast Solution

    After purchasing the products, when the Xiamen Horkoo products you use fail, please give priority to dialing the contact telephone of Xiamen Horkoo service network and authorized maintenance organization. The staff of Xiamen Haoke service network and authorized maintenance organization will contact you within two hours after receiving your request for repair to confirm the solution.

  • 5 days * 8 hours

    The normal business hours of Xiamen Horkoo after-sales service hotline, service outlets and authorized maintenance agencies are: 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday, with holidays off.

  • Repair process

    When you use Xiamen Horkoo products when there are abnormalities, please contact the supplier, Xiamen Horkoo local technical support engineer or Xiamen Horkoo after-sales service hotline through telephone, our professional service personnel will understand the product information and failure performance to help you make a preliminary judgment, please actively cooperate with them if confirmed as hardware failure. According to the detailed address provided by the service personnel, please send or send (the cost of delivery is borne by the sender) to the designated Xiamen Horkoo service outlet or Xiamen Horkoo authorized maintenance organization for maintenance. We will diagnose whether it is free maintenance or paid maintenance service according to the information on the warranty card and the fault condition. If it is paid maintenance, our maintenance engineer is judging the maintenance charge standard. We will inform you that further repairs will be carried out with your consent.

    If the product fails during the warranty period and the special situation does not affect the normal operation of the system, Xiamen Horkoo Service Network or Xiamen Horkoo authorized maintenance organization may consider whether to send you a replacement product or accessories immediately. Before providing replacement products or accessories, please provide detailed information about the product type, defective parts, your company name, contact address, contact personnel, and so on. Within a week of receiving replacement products or accessories, retule for paying the retail price for replacement products or accessories, and will not enjoy replacement services in the future.